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Galvanized Square Wire Mesh

We can weaving produces galvanized square wire mesh, from 3x3mesh to 60x60mesh,used as window screening, safety guards in machinery enclosures, also used in filtering liquid and gas, sieving grain.
Galvanized square iron wire mesh is woven of high quality low carbon steel wire. It has fine features of neat & precise, sturdy structure, durable& strongly rust-resistant and fine anti-corrosiveness. It's widely used in industry, agriculture, building, house fencing and so on. PRODUCTS SCOPE:
Hot-dip galvanized after weaving wire mesh
Hot-dip galvanized before weaving wire mesh
Electro galvanized before weaving wire mesh
Electro galvanized after weaving wire mesh

mesh wire diameter (mm) opening (mm) mesh wire diameter (mm) opening
3x3 1.60 6.87 20x20 0.27 1.00
4x4 1.20 5.15 22x22 0.25 0.90
5x5 0.95 4.13 24x24 0.23 0.83
6x6 0.80 3.43 26x26 0.20 0.78
8x8 0.60 2.57 28x28 0.18 0.73
10x10 0.50 2.04 30x30 0.15 0.70
12x12 0.50 1.61 35x35 0.14 0.59
14x14 0.40 1.41 40x40 0.14 0.50
16x16 0.35 1.24 50x50 0.12 0.39
18x18 0.30 1.11 60x60 0.12 0.30
Packing: In rolls, wrapped with waterproof paper then covered with hessian-cloth. Special packing available if necessary.
Remark: Square Iron Wire Mesh is normally supplied in 100'roll and of 24",36",48".Other sizes not mentioned may be ordered in advance.